The benefits of drop-by-drop irrigation with Drizzi

How this innovative solution outshines other conventional systems and delivers great results

Years of meticulous research and development have gone into the unique design of the Drizzi drop-by-drop system - and it shows. This effective irrigation solution incorporates the following distinctive qualities:

  • Water is issued one drop at a time.
  • The system relies on gravity for its distribution - a natural force that requires no electricity to operate.
  • No electrical timers are required. A mechanical timing system allowing for periodic watering has been designed to be incorporated with the Drizzi System
  • Continuous low pressure eliminates the risk of severe leaks and flooding. 
  • The simple and accessible materials, combined with easily understandable instructions, allow for adoption on a global scale. 
  • The water efficiency of the drip system using the same amount of water means increased produce, which empowers families to become self-sufficient as they start growing their own food. 
  • The system is affordable to set up and operates at a very low cost, since it uses no electricity and significantly less water than a traditional irrigation system. 

Unique features of the Drizzi Bottle or Bag Dripper System

simple, low-cost and effective to implement

  • The Drizzi dripper provides a controlled rate of water discharge to either one plant or a series of plants, all of which are ideally situated below the water source.
  • The system is portable and can be adapted to suit any location sustainably and affordably.  
  • Since the flow rate can be precisely controlled and measured, water usage is completely optimised, resulting in increased production.

What distinguishes the Drizzi Technologies drip system from other conventional systems in use?

Drizzi Technologies designs mainly incorporate the following unique qualities: 

- Water is issued one drop at a time 

- It only relies on gravity for its distribution 

- No timers or electricity are used 

- No high pressure in pipes that may lead to severe leaks and flooding

- Simplicity of material and execution allows for its adoption on a global scale 

- The growing of more plants with the same limited amounts of water will enable families be self-sufficient and even share excess food 

- The cost of this system is low 

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What can the system do?

Drizzi Bottle or Bag Dripper System 

- This Drizzi dripper provides a controlled rate of water discharge to a plant or a series of plants situated below the water source. - This system is portable and it can be deployed to any location with a sustainable cost base.-  As the flow rate can be finely controlled and measured, water usage is optimise and production yields are thereby increased significantly. Whole garden beds can be watered by increasing the flow rate and the use of a Drizzi spreader pipe, distributor and drippers.

 The Drizzi drop-by drop system  consist of a drip system that facilitates the flow of water, a drop at a time, by use of gravity and using a measured flow of water distributed to the plant below ground level. This system allows plants to maximise the uptake of water thereby avoiding wasting scarce limited water resource. 

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Use water wisely and effectively to make the planet Earth a better place to live!!